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Size: 4 oz.
Calmoseptine® Ointment is a multipurpose, moisture barrier ointment. It was originally developed by a pharmacist for use as a diaper rash ointment for infants. Since its introduction 80 years ago, many other uses have been found. The following list has been compiled from feedback from doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who have used Calmoseptine® Ointment.
     ♦ Diaper Rash in Full-Term Infants through Adults

     ♦ Skin Protection in Incontinent Adults 

     ♦ Relieves Pain and Helps Promote Healing

     ♦ Skin Protection around Feeding and Drainage Tube Sites

     ♦ Protection for Peri-wound Skin 

     ♦ Pain and Itch Relif in Lymphedema and Venous Stasis conditions - Calmoseptine® Ointment can be used under compression therapy 

     ♦ Stage 1 Pressure Ulcers

     ♦ Minor Burns, Cuts, Scrapes 

     ♦ Skin Folds, other moist areas subject to funcal infections

     ♦ Perianal Soreness and Dermatitis

     ♦ Insect Bites 

     ♦ Eczema and Psoriasis 

     ♦ Contact Dermatitis including Poison Oak and Poison Ivy 

     ♦ Rectal Itch; Hemorrhoids; Anal Fissures

     ♦ Perianal Protection with Ileoanal Reservoirs (J-pouches)

Calmoseptine® Ointment is approved by the FDA for use as a skin protectant drug.

The FDA defines a skin protectant drug product as a product that temporarily protects injured or exposed skin or mucous membrane surfaces from harmful or annoying stimuli and may provide relief to such surfaces. (FR Doc 03-13751/347.3 June 4, 2004)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Calmoseptine® work so well?

Calmoseptine® Ointment acts as a barrier to protect skin from moisture and irritating substances. This barrier function also helps protect the skin from drying out. In addition it has ingredients that help to draw moisture away from too moist or inflamed areas. Thus, it helps to maintain a healthy moisture balance for your skin.

Can I use it on my baby?

Calmoseptine® Ointment was originally developed for use on infants. We do not recommend that it be used on premature newborns.

How often should I use Calmoseptine®?

In adults and children Calmoseptine® Ointment can be used as often as needed to provide protection and relief. On newborn infants under a month (neonates), we recommend using it only 4 times a day and not to cover more than 1/8th of the body.

How much should I use each time? 

It only takes a thin layer for Calmoseptine® to be effective. In most cases, using too much will not cause any problems but it can be messy. Under ostomy appliances only a very small amount should be used and it must be rubbed in well or the wafer will not adhere.

I have allergies.  Can I use your ointment?

We have had very few reports of allergic reactions to Calmoseptine® Ointment. Calmoseptine® does not contain Latex or any "food products" such as nut, nut oils, wheat, gluten, fish oils or dairy derivatives. People with allergies to Lanolin or Menthol may react to Calmoseptine®.

Where can I safely use Calmoseptine® Ointment?

Calmoseptine® Ointment was formulated for use on intact or mildly damaged skin. We do not recommend using it in deep wounds nor on mucous membranes. However, many people have used it without problems on skin transitional areas, close to mucous membranes. These include on the lips, around the anus and around the vaginal opening in women. Calmoseptine® Ointment should not be used in or around the eyes.

Where can I buy Calmoseptine® Ointment?

Any pharmacy can obtain Calmoseptine® Ointment through their usual distributors, but it is unlikely that you will find us on the shelves. Often the pharmacy will have Calmoseptine® Ointment behind the counter or they will special order it for you. 


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